Moritz Knopf

At Formgeber, a graphic design studio in Mannheim, I was given the responsibility of designing and developing their new in-house website using innovative concepts and presentations. Through the aid of WordPress, whose support was tailored to the requirements of individuals at Formgeber, employees were able to produce and manage their own content. The flexibility of this system facilitated the ability to produce one’s own project inclusive of keywords, continuous text, picture and video materials, without the need of experience or knowledge in the field of coding.
The focus lies in easier and automated usability. If keywords and metadata are attached to an image file prior to the upload, the system will promptly allocate the file to its corresponding content. is responsive; function, content and design are automatically fit to the display in use. Even in this instance, WordPress- users are having their operations simplified: if they want to upload new image material, several resolutions become immediately available and indicated in the desired location.For the presentation on the website, I staged and photographed chosen projects stemming from the Formgeber house (partly depicted below). The projects themselves were created by Rolf Rinklin, Kathrin Beil und Jochen Eeuwyk.
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Type: Website, object photography Format: Responsive (all devices) Keywords: webdesign, web development, WordPress, HTML5, SASS, PHP, JS, JQUERY
Formgeber Website